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International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook

INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS WORKBOOK INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS WORKBOOK CFA Institute is the premier association for investment professionals around the world, with over 95,000 members in 134 countries. Since 1963 the organization has developed and administered the renowned Chartered Financial Analyst ® Program. With a rich history of leading the investment profession, CFA Institute has set the highest standards in ethics, education, and professional excellence within the global investment community, and is the foremost authority on investment profession conduct and practice. Each book in the CFA Institute Investment Series is geared toward industry practitioners, along with graduate-level ï ¬ nance†¦show more content†¦tcomes Summary Overview Problems Contents 33 33 34 35 CHAPTER 7 Financial Analysis Techniques Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 41 41 42 43 CHAPTER 8 International Standards Convergence Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 49 49 50 51 CHAPTER 9 Financial Statement Analysis: Applications Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 55 55 56 56 CHAPTER 10 Inventories Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 59 59 60 61 CHAPTER 11 Long-Lived Assets Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 65 65 66 67 CHAPTER 12 Income Taxes Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 71 71 72 73 Contents vii CHAPTER 13 Long-Term Liabilities And Leases Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 79 79 80 81 CHAPTER 14 Employee Compensation: Postretirement And Share-Based Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 85 85 86 87 CHAPTER 15 Intercorporate Investments Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 95 95 95 97 CHAPTER 16 Multinational Operations Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 105 105 105 107 CHAPTER 17 Evaluating Financial Reporting Quality Learning Outcomes Summary Overview Problems 115 115 116 117 PART II Solutions CHAPTER 1 Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction Solutions 121 123 123 CHAPTER 2 Financial Reporting Mechanics Solutions 125 125 viii CHAPTER 3 Financial Reporting Standards Solutions Contents 129Show MoreRelatedThe For The Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board1042 Words   |  5 PagesYou are a recent accounting graduate working for the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board (the â€Å"Board†). Your manager has asked you to prepare a report, which is to be presented to the Board. This report should: Executive Summary 1. Advantages As the development of globalization in economics in recent years, there is increasing popularity of IFRS. Based on the research(Shima and Yang 2012), there are more than 100 countries adopting the IFRS for their accounting standards. As IFRSRead MorePest Analysis on Indonesia5162 Words   |  21 PagesInternational Business Plan BREAKING INTO THE TRADE GAME: SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE TO EXPORTING SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE International Business Plan The purpose of the International Business Plan workbook is to prepare your business to enter the international marketplace. This workbook will serve as a step-by-step guide to lead you through the process of exporting your product to an international market. The workbook is divided into sections. Each section mustRead MoreAcct5907 International Financial Statement Analysis2639 Words   |  11 PagesACCT5907 INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Mid-semester Test 2 2012 Sem 1 (Solutions to Analysis Questions (section B) and comments) General comments (1) Both the analysis questions were taken from the lecture examples, additional exercise, workbook exercises and practice test. Students who had worked through these materials were competent in handling the mid-term test. Students who believe that they did not perform as well as they had expected should going through the lecture materialsRead MoreManaging Financial Resources For Asmall Business Enterprise Essay2518 Words   |  11 Pages 2015 Hewlett-Packard Dilrajpreet Singh [ MANAGE FINANCIAL RESOURCES FOR ASMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE] [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] â€Æ' TASK 1 Q1.1 (E1.4) Identify sources andRead MoreSemester 01 2015 Workbook4009 Words   |  17 Pages3112IBA Management Strategy and Decision Making Workbook This workbook includes: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · Course Running Sheet Overview of Course Assessment Overview of Seminar Activities Exam Preparation and Revision Suggestions Mr Salvador Macagno March, 2015 (Semester 1 2015) Dear Students, Welcome to Management Strategy and Decision Making (3112IBA) for Semester 1, 2015. This course brings together themes from across your undergraduate degree to facilitate an integrated perspective on why some organisationsRead MoreFiji1703 Words   |  7 Pagesnational government, FIJI Water is a star in its community. Since opening in 1995 it has provided a great deal of aid to the villages surrounding the bottling plant, creating goodwill that can be used to appeal to the Fijian government. Following an analysis of the above issues, I will detail my two recommendations in improving relations with the Fijian government. Taxing Battles When FIJI Water first opened its factory in 1995, the government at the time granted the corporation aRead Moreâ€Å"Do Provisions on Company Balance Sheets Adequately Reflect the Reality of the Liabilities Facing Some Businesses?†2259 Words   |  10 Pagesadequately reflects the reality of the liabilities facing some businesses. The use of provision accounting prior to the introduction of IAS 37 Before the issue of IAS 37, managers and creative accountants used provisions to manipulate the earnings and financial performance of the company. Therefore, managers increased the profits in an unsuccessful year, to prevent the possibilities of shareholders sacking management staff due to their lack of performance (Flower and Ebbers 2002). They did this by makingRead MoreOption Evaluation ‚Äà ¬ Stakeholder Expectations7684 Words   |  31 PagesStrategy, Analysis and Evaluation STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS FOR WIMM BILL DANN Report prepared by: Georges A. Bouverat Reg. # 200556668 Kinsey Kenneth W. Gregson Reg. # 200563139 Kinsey Stephen Hopkinson Reg. # Kinsey Jennifer Quinton Reg. # Kinsey Robert Reynolds Reg. # Kinsey Anna C. Seidel Reg. # 200653802 Ledaig Executive Summary (300-400 words) From Workbook, pg 121: â€Å"†¦should be a short, high-level report in its own right, in which you should communicateRead MoreQuestions On Outsourcing And Outsourcing Essay1873 Words   |  8 Pagesreasons for outsourcing. Ans :- Outsourcing is also known as business process outsourcing, through which a company can heir either an individual or another company to handle your business .This individual or company can be both individual or international. Due to this process one can hand over responsibility of some or all of an organization’s information systems applications and operations to an outside firm. Examples :- Shell Oil outsource spending: $3.2 billion (2008) Shell’sRead MoreNike Corporate Report9607 Words   |  39 PagesNote to the user: This Word document provides a structured template for preparing your responses to the questions in the annual report project. If you did not purchase the workbook you are not permitted to use this template. INTRODUCTION TO THE CORPORATE ANNUAL REPORT: A Business Application with IFRS Content 3rd edition Copyright 2011 by Applied Accounting Analytics. All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation of this book beyond that permitted by the applicable copyright law without

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A Timeline of Textile Machinery Inventions

The  Industrial Revolution  was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. During this transition, hand production methods changed to machines and new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes were introduced. Water power efficiency improved and the increasing use of  steam power increased. Machine tools were  developed and the factory system was on the rise.  Textiles  were the main industry of the Industrial Revolution as far as employment, the value of output and capital invested. The textile industry was also the first to use modern production methods.  The Industrial Revolution began in  Great Britain  and most of the important technological innovations were British. The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history; almost every aspect of daily life changed in some way. Average income and population began to grow exponentially. Some economists say that the major impact of the Industrial Revolution was that the  standard of living  for the general population began to increase consistently for the first time in history, but others have said that it did not begin to really improve until the late 19th and 20th centuries.  At approximately the same time the Industrial Revolution was occurring, Britain was undergoing an  agricultural revolution, which also helped to improve living standards and provided surplus labor available for industry. Textile Machinery Several inventions in textile machinery occurred in a relatively short time period during the Industrial Revolution. Here is a timeline highlighting some of them: 1733  Flying shuttle  invented by John Kay:  an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster.1742  Cotton mills were first opened in England.1764  Spinning jenny  invented by James Hargreaves:  the first machine to improve upon the spinning wheel.1764  Water frame  invented by Richard Arkwright:  the first powered textile machine.1769  Arkwright patented the water frame.1770  Hargreaves patented the Spinning Jenny.1773  The first all-cotton textiles were produced in factories.1779  Crompton invented the  spinning mule  that allowed for greater control over the weaving process.1785  Cartwright patented the  power loom.  It was improved upon by William Horrocks, known for his invention of the variable speed batton in 1813.1787  Cotton goods production had increased 10 fold since 1770.1789  Samuel Slater  brought textile machinery design to the US.1790  Arkwright built the first steam-powered textile factory in Nottingham, Engla nd.1792  Eli Whitney invented the  cotton gin:  the machine that automated the separation of cottonseed from the short-staple cotton fiber.1804  Joseph Marie Jacquard  invented the Jacquard Loom that weaved complex designs. Jacquard invented a way of automatically controlling the warp and weft threads on a silk loom by recording patterns of holes in a string of cards.1813  William  Horrocks invented the variable speed batton (for an improved power loom).1856  William Perkin invented the first synthetic dye.

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Essay on Offender Classification and Therapy - 1514 Words

Over the last few decades classification systems for offenders have been used for a variety of organizational purposes. Over time these classification systems have evolved, not only as a whole in the criminal justice system, but also varying between different organizations. Classification systems that create models based on the risks and needs of offenders are most popular. Throughout the years these models and the purposes for their use have been in a state of change, as well as the way their effectiveness is gaged. One of the most commonly used classification systems for offenders is the combination of risk assessment and need assessment. The combination of these two systems of classification is rather new. The earliest types of†¦show more content†¦The second generation was characterized by the custody classification risks and parolees being classified on their risk of reoffending based on their custody classification. These early models were administered routinely but scores rarely changed because the information in the assessment was static and did not change over time (Van Voorhis, et al., 2009). Such information as the severity of prior convictions, and prior felonies did not change between assessments and led to an overly simple classification system that did not offer any options for treatment or change within offender behavior. Additionally, it was proven that the earliest risk assessment models were not accurate in dealing with female offenders because the history of women off enders is not as indicative of future behavior as it is with male offenders (Van Voorhis et al., 2008). While the original risk assessment models were helpful in achieving a basic glance at offender behavior risks, it lacked the quality assessment tools needed to not only determine whether an offender was going to be a danger while institutionalized or the community once paroled, but to fully offer options for rehabilitation. More recently, the combination of risk/needs assessments have changed the course of classification models. No longer are risks assessments conducted solely for the institutionalized but also are used to foresee new transgressions with needs that are similarly elements of offenderShow MoreRelatedResponse Paper On Sexual Offenders1653 Words   |  7 PagesSexual offenders refer to sexual acts against a victim’s will and includes a wide range of behaviors ranging from exposing oneself in a public place to rape. Probation and parole officers have the difficult task of working with sexual offenders and trying to help them during their rehabilitation process. From researching different sources, I have concluded that risk assessment, treatment, supervision, and restrictions/registration have effectively helped by working with sexual offenders in the communityRead More Investigative Psychology Essay1378 Words   |  6 Pagescause of death. Forensic hypnosis is an interview or inte rrogation method used by trained and credentialed professionals. Lastly, geographic mapping is a method of research â€Å"concerned with analyzing spatial patterns of crimes committed by numerous offenders over a period of time (Bartol Bartol, 2008).† Geographic profiling is the analysis of a single serial offender’s geographic movement. Due to the complexities of investigative psychology these methods have been scrutinized. In order for theseRead MorePrison Corrections, Treatment Programs, Rehabilitation, And The Prevention Of Recidivism861 Words   |  4 Pagesprograms, rehabilitation, and the prevention of recidivism is a process that can only be measured in small percentage points†¦sometimes gaining, sometimes losing, and on an individual level, in the trenches, between the agents of the system and the offenders, a sometimes lumbering, attempt and daily challenge to hold ground. The nature of crime and punishment (rehabilitation and prevention) is fragile and tenuous by nature, with no grand sweeping touchdowns or grand slams. With the nation’s correctionalRead MorePrison and Rehabilitation1051 Words   |  5 PagesIntentions of rehabilitation Rehabilitation is specific programs applied within a prison setting intended to bring about the end of criminal behavior called desistance, meaning to cease or stop. It is supposed to be a simple formula: prisoner classification X appropriate programming X positive participation = probability of desistance. Get the inmate into the right program, keep him in there long enough to complete successfully, and put the inmate into the community to test their non-criminal behaviorRead MorePrison Treatment1471 Words   |  6 PagesOffenders and the Need for Treatment A hard line stance by law enforcement to treat addiction with a criminal justice approach rather than with a public health approach has resulted in over-crowded prisons and offenders in need of treatment. The rise of the prison population began with enactment of the federal Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 and The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 (Olson Lurigio, 2014). Highlighting the escalating prison population, Olson and Lurigio (2014) noted from 1990-2000 the stateRead MoreInmates with special needs1204 Words   |  5 PagesCJA/234 November 25, 2013 Richard Gilbert Inmates with Special Needs Inmate with special needs, mental illnesses, substance-abuse issues, juvenile offenders, and older inmates are all considered special offenders upon entering the correctional facility and classification process. These inmates are classified as special offenders, which refers to inmates with behavioral issues that will need close supervision, specific treatment plans, and sometimes treatment outside the correctional facilityRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Is The Highest Rate For Juvenile Crime1733 Words   |  7 Pagesoffer are all different. So why does the U.S have the highest rate for juvenile crime? The United States has the highest rate for juvenile crime yet, like several other countries the U.S juvenile courts seeks to rehabilitate and discourage youthful offenders from criminal activity by having a variety of programs to help and using imprisonment as a last resort. Although children of any age can be charged in juvenile court, children under the age of fourteen cannot be charged with a crime unless the prosecutorRead More Female Sex Offenders: Perception is Not Reality1640 Words   |  7 Pagesfemale sex offenders differently than male sex offenders, the punishments of female sex offenders are more lenient than men who commit the same types of crimes, and the differences between male and female victims are all perception and not reality. Objective considerations to additional factors make the perceptions baseless. These additional factors solidify the factual differences between male and female sex offenders. The acceptance that the court system often treats female offenders differentlyRead MoreEssay about Therapy, Not Punishment843 Words   |  4 PagesTherapy, Not Punishment Problems with crime have always been a concern to society. There are many different ideas about what causes it and even more ideas about how to stop it. Dr. Karl Menninger believes that our current prison system is not adequately addressing the motivation behind crime. In his article Therapy, Not Punishment, Menninger says of the old prison system, In its place should go a quiet, dignified, therapeutic programÉ (544). He sets forth the claim of policy that criminalsRead MorePrisons : Prisons And Prisons1332 Words   |  6 Pagesthe general public often misinterprets the difference between jails and prisons. For long confinement terms, jails are not used to hold sentenced offenders. However, jails are the oldest of the correctional components. According to Seiter (2011), jails were initiated prior to halfway houses, parole, probation, or prisons. Also, jails hold various offenders such as those being held administratively for a criminal justice agency, waiting to transfer to anot her facility, being detained a pending trial

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Compare And Contrast Bilbo Baggins And The Hobbit

Compare and Contrast Essay When somebody mentions the word, â€Å"hero,† we think of someone dressed in shining armour holding a sword, slaying the terrible dragon guarding a hoard of gold. In The Hobbit, there is indeed a heinous dragon guarding a hoard of treasure and a hero who embarks on a journey to defeat said dragon and reclaim his stolen birthright. However, we do not just have one hero. We have two: the traditional and non-traditional hero. There is Bilbo Baggins, a shrewd hobbit who contrasts greatly from the typical hero, and Thorin Oakenshield, a strong-minded dwarf who resembles the traditional hero. By the end of the story, both characters have established that they’re capable of conquering obstacles and adversities with their†¦show more content†¦When he attempted to steal from the trolls’ pockets (#43), he would have most likely been successful if the pocket didn’t talk. His failure was mostly as a result of poor luck. It’s stated on #41 that â€Å"à ¢â‚¬ ¦at any rate, hobbits can move quietly in woods, absolutely quietly.† Furthermore, his stealth had roped him and the Company out of dire situations. When the wood-elves had taken the Company hostage, it was Bilbo who snuck in and freed the dwarves from the dungeon (#208). He managed to successfully evade the notice of the elvenking’s guards for over a week (#203), which is no easy feat. The spiders never noticed Bilbo’s presence until he threw stones at them (#182). His small stature, his natural affinity towards stealth, and his ring of invisibility are all factors that contribute to Bilbo’s stealth. Finally, it is Bilbo’s ability to lead that was one of his strongest assets. He was not much of a leader as we began the story, but as we delved deeper, we learned that Bilbo is a leader. â€Å"†¦and they [the dwarves] all trusted Bilbo. Just what Gandalf had said would happen, you see. Perhaps that was part of his reason for going off and l eaving.† (#204) This quote demonstrates that Bilbo is a leader. A leader is someone that you can rely on; somebody that you can trust and a person that inspires. â€Å"For Thorin had taken heart again hearing how the hobbit had rescued his companions from the spiders, and was determined once more not to ransom himselfShow MoreRelatedThe Hobbit, By John Ronald Reuel Tolkien1501 Words   |  7 PagesThe Hobbit, where the main protagonist, Bilbo Baggins, who extols of his peaceful and agrarian lifestyle near the ramparts of Middle-Earth, when standing in the face of adversity, he initially neglects to part with his lethargic life, due to familial means. However, when communing with Gandalf and his liegemen dwarves on one faithful night, with his vigorous moral virtue, he acceded to his fate. He soon traversed on an arduous and onerous journey to replevin the sacred treasure of the Hobbits, whichRead MoreCompare And Contrast The Odyssey And The Hobbit1472 Words   |  6 Pages Compare and Contrast As I read through Homer’s The Odyssey, and J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, I immediately noticed several similarities between the two. Of course not only were their things that they both shared in common, but also things that set them apart from each other. I mean what kind of authors would they be if they wrote the same exact story. I hope that by reading this essay you gain a better understanding of both books as well as what they have in common and what is different betweenRead MoreJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien And The Lord Of The Rings2111 Words   |  9 PagesTolkien was the professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at the University of Oxford, and he also wrote stories, including â€Å"The Hobbit† (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955); the setting is in a prehistorical time in his inventive world called by the Middle English name of Middle-earth (Doughan). This was lived by Men and Women, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orcs and Hobbits. He has been condemned by the Eng. Lit. establishment, but loved by the vast masses (Doughan). There are some specific and significantRead MoreHobbit Shake Guide6595 Words   |  27 PagesThe Hobbit Chapter Guides Chapter One: An Unexpected Party Summary We are introduced to hobbits and to Bilbo Baggins, a stay-at-home, utterly respectable hobbit with a secret desire for adventure. Bilbo receives a visit from Gandalf the wizard. The next Wednesday Gandalf returns for tea, bringing with him a party of thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield. Despite misgivings on both sides, on Gandalfs recommendation the dwarves hire Bilbo as Burglar on an expedition to the Lonely Mountain,Read More Comparing Good and Evil in Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings2389 Words   |  10 PagesComparing Good and Evil in Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Imagine yourself in a pre-industrial world full of mystery and magic. Imagine a world full of monsters, demons, and danger, as well as a world full of friends, fairies, good wizards, and adventure. In doing so you have just taken your first step onto a vast world created by author and scholar John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Tolkien became fascinated by language at an early age during his schooling, in particularly, the languages

Natural Fiber Wide Use Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

string(299) " the classical RSM are developed utilizing additive multinomial theoretical accounts, chiefly first-degree and second-degree theoretical accounts, with uninterrupted response variables assumed, for the most portion, to be independently and usually distributed with changeless mistake discrepancies\." Natural fibres have been in a broad usage since the development of the human race. Catching up the Eco thrust, applied scientists were looking for eco-friendly options for fictile fibre. In the due class many natural fibres have been tested and some were able to do their base going economically feasible. We will write a custom essay sample on Natural Fiber Wide Use Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The present work proposes to fix and prove a Natural Fiber ( Asian Palmyra ) Reinforced Composite ( NFRC ) . The survey is planned in conformity to a 3-Level Factorial Design and find the fluctuation of Tensile Strength ( TS ) , of short and indiscriminately oriented Palmyra NFRC, under control parametric quantities such as alkali intervention clip, fiber length and fiber volume % . The present paper focuses to pattern the influence of procedure variables on TS through Response Surface Methodology. The mathematical theoretical account which is developed to foretell tensile strength is found statistically valid and sound within the scope of the factors. Keywords: A – Discontinuous support, B – Mechanical belongingss, C – Statistical properties/methods, D – Mechanical testing, E – Lay-up ( manual ) . 1. Introduction: Natural fibre has been in a broad usage since the development of the human race. They had got broad acceptation in communities for their flexibleness and strength. Recent tendencies in the country of fibre reinforced complexs have drawn a twine in utilizing these natural fibres as their support. The natural fibre imparts lower lastingness and lower strength compared to glaze fibres. However, low specific gravitation consequences in a higher specific strength and stiffness than glass. Natural fibres offer good thermal, dielectric and acoustic insularity belongingss along with easiness in processing technique without have oning of tools. Most of these fibres are produced in developing states like China, India and Brazil etc. In a historical position complexs like straw reinforced walls, bows and chariots made of pasted beds played of import functions in their endurance. Though many of these fibres are limited to their epidemic parts due to high local demand for many old ages, coming of man-made fibres have affected the market of natural fibres. After being entirely used for their electromagnetic belongingss, utilizing complexs to better the structural public presentation of ballistic capsule and aircraft became popular in last two decennaries of the old century. Particularly, increased constrains and future environmental route maps, have been emphasizing automotive industries to diminish their C pes prints. These rigorous steps have become blessing to the lagging natural fibre industries, and thereby making new challenges for research workers in happening beginnings of fibre, fiction techniques and applications of na tural fibres. The easy handiness of natural fibres and fabricating have motivated research workers worldwide late to seek locally available cheap fibres and to analyze their feasibleness of support intents and to what extent they satisfy the needed specifications of good reinforced polymer complexs [ 1 ] . Many surveies proved them to be possible rivals to man-made fibre to some extent. After reexamining the bing literature available on natural fibre complexs, assorted writers had put attempts in planing complexs based on the demands of composite industry. There has been a broad assortment of literature available on natural fibres such aspen, abaca, bagasse, bamboo, banana, coir, day of the month thenar, flax, henequen, isora, jute, silk cotton, deccan hemp, oil thenar, Ananas comosus, ramee, sisal, etc. , [ 2-18 ] . Natural fibre complexs provide comparable specific strength with that of man-made fibre complexs, due the low denseness offered by natural fibres [ 19 ] . There are many parametric quantities which affect the public presentation of a natural fiber-reinforced complex. Chemical alteration improvesA fiberA matrix adhesion, their consequences and effects on the physical belongingss ofA complexs [ 20 ] . Aspect ratio has a considerable consequence on composite belongingss, henc e it is of import to conserve fiber length every bit much as possible during composite processing operations [ 21 ] . Mechanical belongingss of the composite vary with assorted sums of fibre volume ratio. But there have been a really few documents covering with Palmyra fibre, the present fibre of our involvement [ 22 – 24 ] . The Borasseus Flabellifer is a tall and vertical thenar, and can populate 100 old ages or more and make a tallness of 30 m, with a canopy of big, fan-shaped foliages several twelve found distributing 3 metres across [ 25 ] . Each and every portion of the tree is a noteworthy socio-economic value for people in Southern India. The mid-ribs of the foliages and the fibres from their chaffs are used in doing industrial coppices and brooms. The fibre has good opposition to clash and heat, and will defy many chemicals and dissolvers. The denseness of toddy palm ( 0.7 gm/cm3 ) is least among all known natural fibres that are being commercially used in fabricating natural fibre complexs. This is extremely favourable belongings from the position point of light-weightiness. The present complex can happen extended application in non-structural, low-performance utilizations. Hence, the toddy palm fibres are most suited for doing support in green composite stuffs. The present research focuses on the survey and consequence of procedure parametric quantities on the tensile strength of short and indiscriminately oriented palmyra natural fibre reinforced complexs. The decisions drawn from this is that, a successful combination of procedure parametric quantities consequences in the betterment of mechanical belongingss of the composite. In future, complexs will be manufactured even more harmonizing to an integrated design procedure ensuing in the optimal building harmonizing to parametric quantities such as form, mass, strength, stiffness, lastingness, costs, etc. The developed mathematical theoretical account will be able to demo the influence of a design alteration on each one of these parametric quantities ( here strength ) . 2. RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY: Response surface methodological analysis ( RSM ) began with the work of Box and Wilson in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society [ 26 ] . That work was motivated by the demand to run experiments expeditiously, by a proper pick of design, and to find operating conditions on a set of governable variables that give rise to an optimum response. The cardinal thoughts in the classical RSM are developed utilizing additive multinomial theoretical accounts, chiefly first-degree and second-degree theoretical accounts, with uninterrupted response variables assumed, for the most portion, to be independently and usually distributed with changeless mistake discrepancies. You read "Natural Fiber Wide Use Health And Social Care Essay" in category "Essay examples" This method has gone through several phases of development that are aimed at doing it more applicable to wider experimental state of affairss [ 27 ] . RSM is a aggregation of mathematical and statistical techniques that are utile for the mold and analysis of jobs in which a response of involvement is influenced by several variables and the aim is to optimise the response [ 28 ] . For, illustration, if the experimenter wishes to happen the degrees of two input variables, x1, x2 which maximize the output [ y ] of the procedure, so the procedure output is stated as: where I µ represents the noise or mistake observed in the response Y. If the expected response is denoted by E [ y ] = f [ x1, x2 ] = I · , so the surface represented by I · = f [ x1, x2 ] is called a response surface. If the individual input variable can be related to the end product variable so it is known as response curve and if the two input variables relate to the end product variable so it is known as response surface [ 28 ] . In common pattern, response surfaces are expressed diagrammatically and visualized through single secret plans, contours and 3D surface graphs. 3. SPECIMEN Fabrication: The petioles of Asiatic Palmyra tree were soaked in a H2O retting armored combat vehicle for 45 yearss. After 45 yearss, the fibre can be extracted from the chaffs manually. These long uninterrupted fibres are washed exhaustively in plentifulness of clean H2O to take the excess waste ( fig. 1 ) . 3.1 ALKALI TREATMENT: The obtained fibres were divided into three parts of equal weight. These three groups of fibre were treated with 5 % NaOH solution for different clip continuances. The first group is treated for 2 hours, the 2nd for 4 hours and the 3rd for 6 hours. Chemical intervention with NaOH removes wet content from the fibres thereby increasing its strength. The chemical intervention besides clears all the drosss that are bordering the fiber stuff and besides stabilizes the molecular orientation. After alkali intervention, fibres were washed exhaustively in the distilled H2O and were dried for one twenty-four hours at room temperature. Then these long fibres were cut into short fibres of different lengths ( 3mm, 5mm and 7mm ) . The fibres which were treated for 2 hours with NaOH are cut into equal sums of 3mm, 5mm and 7mm fibres severally. Similarly, the fibres which were treated with NaOH for 4 hours and 6 hours were besides cut into short fibres. Therefore nine different samples of fibre were prepared which vary in fibre length and alkali intervention hours. 3.2 PREPATION OF COMPOSITES: A rectangular wooden board of 300mm, 300mm was taken and wooden forms of thickness 4mm were fixed on these wooden boards with the aid of nails. These wooden forms were placed so that a infinite of 150mm, 10mm, and 4mm was obtained. After the molds of needed dimensions were prepared, wax was applied to the interior sides of the molds for easy release of the complex without lodging to the mold walls. Then the matrix was prepared by blending the hardener to epoxy. The epoxy and the hardener ratio were maintained at 10:1. To acquire good cured and a standard quality specimen, the epoxy and hardener must be assorted swimmingly and easy for about 10 proceedingss. Initial bed of the mold was filled with the epoxy rosin and hardener mixture and so the appropriate measure of fibres was placed such that epoxy mixture wholly spread over the fibres. Again, epoxy mixture was poured on the fibre. Therefore, the starting and stoping of the beds were of epoxy rosin. A fictile releasing house was pla ced on the top of the uncured mixture. Before using compaction, attempts were made to take all bubbles with roller. Finally, the compaction force per unit area of 0.05 MPa was applied equally and cured for 24 hours at room temperature. In this manner, specimens incorporating different volume fractions of fibre were prepared. These specimens were cured in the hot air oven at 600 C for 2 hours. Specimens incorporating different fibre volume fractions such as 20 % , 30 % , 40 % were prepared and 27 specimens were prepared. Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite ( NFRC ) is considered as the stuff for probe and its material composing is given in Table 4.1. The specimen ( Fig. 2 ) is prepared with the dimensions of 150mm length, 10mm breadth and 4mm thickness harmonizing to ASTM D 3039-76 [ 29 ] is used for experimentation. 3.3 MECHANICAL Testing OF FIBER-REINFORCED COMPOSITE: The most basic mechanical trial is the tenseness trial. For most structural stuffs, the tensile belongingss are indispensable elements of the stuff design allowable. The complexs specimens were tested as per ASTM criterions. The tensile testing was done as per ASTM D 3039M with the aid of INSTRON-6025 theoretical account Universal Testing Machine ( Fig. 3 ) at a crosshead velocity of 2mm per minute and consequences were analyzed to cipher the tensile strength of composite samples. 4. Plan AN Experiment: Recognition of job and job statement: â€Å" Determine the affect of Alkali Treatment Time, Fiber length A ; % Fiber volume on the tensile strength of Natural Fiber ( short Asian Palmyra ) Reinforced Composite. † Choice of factors, degrees, scopes: Alkali Treatment Time ( A ) , Fiber length ( B ) , Fiber volume % ( C ) ( 3 Levels ) Choice of the response variable: Tensile Strength of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite ( T ) . Choice of experimental design: 3 flat factorial design. Performing the experiment: Tensile strength on Universal Testing Machine ( UTM ) . Statistical analysis of informations: A, B, C relation to T Decisions and recommendations: Accomplishment of experiment aims. 4.1 DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED METHODOLOGY The control factors considered for experiments are alkali intervention clip, fiber length and fibre volume per centum while tensile strength is considered as the end product response. The process of response surface methodological analysis comprises the undermentioned stairss [ 30 ] : Plan a series of experiments for equal and dependable measuring of the response of involvement. Develop an empirical or mathematical theoretical account of the 2nd order response surface with the best adjustments. Find the optimum set of experimental parametric quantities that produce a upper limit or minimal value of response. Represent the direct and the synergistic effects of procedure parametric quantities through two and three dimensional secret plans. 4.1.1 Conducting the experiments The executable scopes of the procedure control variables considered are listed in Table 4.2. These values correspond to the conditions at which there is maximal consequence on tensile strength as reported by other writers for different natural fibres. The belongingss of Asiatic Palmyra fibre reinforced complexs with different fibre lengths, clip continuances of Alkali intervention and fibre volume per centums under these conditions, the probes are presented in the undermentioned Tables 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5. Sample of tensile trial studies are shown in Fig. 4. The tensile strength of the specimen made of epoxy and hardener is 12.44MPa. 4.2 DEVELOPMENT OF EMPIRICAL MODELS The informations collected from typical experiments refering to end product responses, Tensile Strength from Tables 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 are used to implement the proposed methodological analysis. The demand in developing the mathematical relationships is to associate the tensile strength to the procedure parametric quantities thereby easing the optimisation of the procedure parametric quantities. Design Expert, 8.0v [ 31 ] , statistical analysis package, is used to calculate the arrested development coefficients of the proposed theoretical accounts. The interaction effects of the procedure parametric quantities and tensile strength are important and hence the 2nd order theoretical accounts are postulated. The multinomial is fitted and the relationships obtained for the end product responses are given below: 4.2.1 Adequacy trial: The developed empirical theoretical accounts are tested for their adequateness utilizing the undermentioned trials: Analysis of Variance [ ANOVA ] : ANOVA is carried out for the quadratic response surface theoretical accounts. The statistics of ANOVA for Tensile Strength is given in the Table 4.6. In instance of tensile strength, it can be observed from Table 4.6 that the value of â€Å" Probability gt ; F † for the theoretical account is less than 0.05, which indicates that the theoretical account is important [ 28 ] . Multiple arrested development coefficients: To look into whether the fitted theoretical accounts really describe the experimental information, the multiple arrested development coefficient [ R2 ] is computed. R2 statistic is defined as the ratio of variableness explained by the theoretical account to the entire variableness in the existent experimental informations and is used as a step of goodness of fit [ 28 ] . If R2 attacks to integrity, the better the theoretical account fits the experimental information. In other words, it is the proportion of fluctuation in the dependant variable [ response ] that can be explained by the forecasters [ factor ] in the theoretical account. From Table 4.6, R2 for tensile strength is found to be 0.9276. This shows that the second-order theoretical account can explicate the fluctuation in tensile strength up to the extent of 92.76 % . The adjusted R2 efforts to give a more appropriate value to gauge R2. Adjusted R2 can be computed utilizing the expression 1- [ [ 1- R2 ] * [ N-1 ] / [ N-k-1 ] ] , where N is the figure of observations and K is the figure of forecasters [ 28 ] . When N is little and K is big and there will be a much greater difference between R2 and adjusted R2 [ because the ratio of [ N-1 ] / [ N-k-1 ] will be much less than 1. By contrast, when the figure of observations is really big compared to the figure of forecasters, the value of R2 and adjusted R2 will be much closer because the ratio of [ N-1 ] / [ N-k-1 ] will near 1. From Table 4.6, adjusted R2 for tensile strength is found to be 0.8915. It can be observed that the values of R2 and adjusted R2 are much closer to each other. The developed mathematical theoretical accounts are farther checked for their adequateness utilizing normal chance secret plan of remainders. The diagnostic secret plans are drawn to look into whether the informations are usually distributed and for any premise is violated. Therefore, the normal chance secret plan of remainders for the responses, tensile strength is plotted. Normal chance secret plans are used to measure whether informations come from the normal distribution. The statistical process makes the premise that an implicit in distribution is normal [ 28 ] . Thus normal chance secret plans can supply confidence that the premise is justified, or else supply a warning of jobs with the premise. An analysis of normalcy typically combines normal chance secret plans with hypothesis trials for normalcy. In a normal chance secret plan, if all the information points autumn near the line, an premise of normalcy is sensible. Otherwise, the points will swerve off from the line, and an premise of normalcy is non justified. The normal chance secret plans of the remainders for the end product responses, tensile strength is shown in Fig. 5 and it can be observed that the remainders are located on consecutive line, which means that the mistakes are distributed usually. The 3D surface graphs for tensile strength are shown in Figs. 6 – 8. All have curvilinear profile in conformity to the quadratic theoretical account fitted. Fig. 6 shows the interaction consequence of fibre length and alkali intervention clip on tensile strenth at different degrees of fibre volume per centum. It is clear from the figure that at highest values of fibre length and alkali intervention clip the tensile strenth attains largest value of 27MPa. At high value of alkali intervention clip ( 6Hrs ) and low value of fiber length ( 3mm ) , tensile strength varies from 17-19 MPa. where as at low value of both fiber length and alkali intervention clip the tensile strength is lowest. Fig. 7 depicts the consequence of fibre volume per centum and alkali intervention clip on tensile strength at different degrees of fibre length. As indicated in the secret plan the tensile strength additions with addition in both fiber volume per centum and alkali intervention clip. The highest value of tensile strength of about 27MPa is recorded at high values of fibre volume per centum and alkali intervention clip. Fig. 8 describes the interaction consequence of fibre volume per centum and fiber length on tensile strength of short and indiscriminately oriented Palmyra fiber composite at different degrees of base intervention clip. As the fibre volume per centum additions from 20 – 40 % and fibre length increasing from 7 – 3mm so tensile strength additions from 13 – 27 MPa. The combined consequence of fibre length and fibre volume per centum increases the tensile strength of composite. It can be said that the empirical theoretical accounts developed were moderately accurate, for Tensile strength. 5 Decision The proposed work is on the survey and consequence of procedure parametric quantities on the tensile strength of short and indiscriminately oriented toddy palm fibre reinforced complexs. The experimental probe on mechanical behavior of palmyra fibre reinforced complexs leads to the undermentioned decisions: Tensile strength ( TS ) , of the toddy palm fibre reinforced composite stuff is greatly influenced by alkali intervention clip, fiber length and fibre volume fraction. The quadratic theoretical account developed by RSM can be used to foretell the tensile strength of the toddy palm fibre reinforced composite stuff at 93 % assurance degree. But the cogency of the theoretical account is limited to the scope of parametric quantities considered for the probe. The truth of the developed theoretical account can be improved by including more figure of parametric quantities and degrees. Further, mathematical theoretical accounts can be developed by taking multiple responses, with different scopes of procedure variables and the composite design can be optimized based on the demand of the clients. How to cite Natural Fiber Wide Use Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

Need of Development Plan-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Create your own development plan as it applies to the current organization with which you are involved or an organization you hope to work for in the future. In your plan, address your plan objectives, the content of your plan, and the development activities. Answer: Introduction to the development plan The skills of the workforce help the organization in undertaking the smooth functioning of the organization in the market. It helps the organization in maintaining its sustenance in the market through the progress made by the same. On the other hand, the professional skills help in the growth of the individuals in a particular sector. It helps in understanding the demands of the job role and thereby acts accordingly to fulfill the requirements of the same. I have an experience of a nursing practice while working as a health educator and a staff nurse. The different needs that are to be addressed while working in the industry is based on the understanding of the aspects of the change in the functioning of the job role. As per the requirements of this discussion, the plan is aimed at understanding the different professional needs and abilities required in the health industry that I am required to imbibe. It will be helping in the proper assessment of the professional needs and is aimed at helping me out with the understanding of the various areas where I am required to bring in changes. Role model My role model is Clarissa "Clara" Harlowe Bartonwho brought about a change in the nursing practices in the medieval times. Clara founded the American Red Cross society and influenced the culture of nursing largely. The proper understanding of the activities that a nurse is required to take is made definite through the activities and the examples from the life of Barton. I have chosen her as my role model as it has helped me in developing the practices that might be undertaken by me in order to function in the intensive care unit. On the other hand, the understanding of the capabilities of the nurse and the chief responsibilities that might be taken by the nurse can be enumerated from the works of the great personality. I have always wandered since my childhood to be like her and treat my patients based on the requirements of the same. I believed that following this great personality would be helping me to understand the value of nursing and the responsibility I hold while undertaking the functions of a nurse. The change in the nursing practices that was undertaken by the great personality has helped me in understanding the job role and thereby determines the change in the attitude that an ideal nurse must hold towards the ailing patient. The determination of the needs of the patients and the capability of adhering to the needs of the same will be helping me to bring in changes in the structure and the performance that I undertake as a nurse. It will also be helping me to determine the proper nursing qualities among the candidates whom I am going to educate and train on the following subject. The determination of the responsibilities of the role model will be helping me to bring in changes in the functioning of the systems of the nurses. The enumeration of the role model will be helping me to determine the different functions that might be considered by me to bring in changes in the system and the functioning of the nursing roles. The incorporation of the different qualities of nursing of the great figure will be helping me to understand the needs of the patients and thereby take actions to solve the health related issues faced by the same. Objective of the plan The development plan that is being formulated as a part of the report will be assessing the personal needs of development and professionalism, which will be helping to support the profession in the health industry. The major objective of undertaking this development plan is to determine the professional development needs that I face for incorporating myself with health care institutes in the region. It will be helping in bringing forth improvements in the profession I am into. The chief objective of undertaking the plan is for developing activities to act as a licensed nurse specialized in anesthesia post surgery area and pediatric care, pre and post cardiac operation and adult/pediatric post anesthesia care unit. On the other hand, I have planned to develop insights to gain proper knowledge in medication administration and medical procedures and undertake emergency operations. I am at the verge of completing my master degree on health administration. Therefore, the development plan will be facilitating the different aspects of the change that I must undertake to understand my job role as a healthcare manger. The development plan Training learning and development needs Priority The chief activities Time required Learning outcome Evaluation of the change Cardiac care treatment and health care management course Top The chief activity that must be taken by me is based on bringing in the knowledge of the cardiac systems and the proper management of the same to adhere to the needs of the patient. On the other hand, the determination of the kind of treatment is facilitated by a course on anesthesia post surgery area and pediatric Care systems. The determination of the kind of treatment that must be amended to the patient in the extreme cases will be based on the fact that the understanding of the feedback and the needs of the patient. The determination of the management techniques will be facilitated through the practical sessions that I am planning to undertake as a short course. 1 year The activity will be helping me to understand the requirements of the patients relating to the healthcare and the manner in which the healthcare options would be amended on the patient based on the severity of the situation. The short course on the proper management of the healthcare facilities will be helping me to determine the modifications that I am required to undertake for facilitating the needs of the clients. The change that will be brought about through the practice that is being taen by me is based on the understanding of the different aspects of the change in the structure and the functioning of the cardiac management systems that must be known by the nurse. The course will be helping me to understand the needs of the patient relating to the issues in the cardiac systems. The alteration of the management principles and the facilitation of the ideas will be helping me to determine the changes in the healthcare practices that I am aiming to undertake. Teamwork Mid Teamwork is an important part of the professional development. It helps in the proper understanding of the capabilities of the team and thereby supports the other members for the achievement of the objective set by the team. In order to support the team functioning and thereby understand the various possible needs of the members of the teammates, I must take steps to communicate and support the team and its objectives. The teamwork and coordination will be help in the proper management of the projects based on the requirements of the patients. It will be requiring me to take interpersonal relationships with the teammates in order to facilitate the team bonding and facilitate the understanding among the team members. 3 months The activities that are being undertaken by me has helped me in undertaking a good interpersonal relation with the teammates and thereby facilitate the proper functioning of the team as per the requirements of the clients. On the other hand, the proper understanding of the various aspects of the change in the services is solved through the integration and the interaction with the team members. It will be helping me in resolving the major health related issues faced by the patients. The change that is being observed through the proper identification of the issues that hinders the teamwork and resolving the issues in the team has helped me in increasing the team bonding and the integration. The integration and the trust among the members of the team help in determining the team performance and growth. it also helps in adhering to the requirements of the patients. Adult/pediatric post anesthesia Mid I am required to undertake a course on the anesthesia in order to understand the level of the anesthetics that I am required to provide to the patients based on the severity of the health issues faced by the same. The short course on the anesthesia has helped in determining the change in the structure and the functioning of the nursing practice that is required as per the needs of the patients. The understanding of the level of anesthesia through the practical field works helps in enhancing the practices of the medical practitioners. 2-3 weeks The training will be helping me to understand the different activities that are required to be taken as a part of the nursing practice and thereby imbibe the understanding of the different aspects of the needs of the patients. The training will be helping me to bring in changes in the practices that I undertake relating to the nursing. On the other hand, the determination of the level of anesthetics that are required to be applied to the patients is based on the determination of the change in the systems and the functioning of the profession as per the understanding of the needs of the patients. Stress tolerance Top Stress tolerance is again another important skill that is to be imbibed in order to cope up the situations of the stress while dealing with the patients. The most important activity that is required to be undertaken by me is based on facing the tough situations and thereby bring in experience to the functions. I must also take a session on dealing with the stressful situations and their management for controlling the same while at work. 3-4 weeks The undertaking of the activity has helped me in understanding the various aspects of the stress and the manner in which it affects the smooth functioning. The major aspect of the change that is being undertaken by me is based on the requirements of the clients relating to the healthcare. The understanding of the healthcare needs of the patients is being facilitated by the undertaking of the stress management sessions. The change that is being observed is based on the handling of the stressful situations and the proper understanding of the various ailments of the patients. The proper management of the stressful situation has helped in the efficient functioning based on the requirements of the patients. Medication administration and emergency operations Top I have planned to undertake a course on the medicines in order to amend to the patients. The different issues that are faced by the clients must be sufficed through the knowledge over the medicines, which I am aiming to amend to my patients. It will be helping me to bring in changes in the behavior of the profession that I am undertaking. On the other hand, I must face practical situations in order to make myself compatible with the emergency operations that I might be required to undertake. 1 year The activity will be helping me to master over the knowledge over the medication practices and thereby face practical situations while undertaking the emergencies. At times, I am required to operate in the emergencies and thereby, the training will be helping me to amend the patients with the right kind of services based on the functioning of the profession. The determination of the healthcare needs of the patients will be helping me to deliver the right kind of services to the clients. The change that the courses will bring to my profession is based on the understanding of the needs of the patients. On the other hand, the proper training on the emergency operations helps in determining the activities that are required to be undertaken by me to determine the change in the practices and the medication facilities that might be amended to the patients. The discussion on the plan The development plan that is being formulated on the previous section of the discussion is aimed at helping me out with the enumeration of the issues that I might face while pursuing on my job role. It also helps me in understanding the different breakthroughs for making the services more viable for my clients. The issues that are being faced by me is firstly based on verbal communication and functioning as a team. On the other hand, the anesthesia post surgery area and pediatric care will be helping me to determine the needs of the patients and thereby bring in the changes as per the requirements of the healthcare. The medication knowledge will be helping me to determine the needs of the patients and thereby amend the patients with the proper medication facilities. Adherence to the the TIPS (Theory Into Practice Strategy) will be helping in the proper evaluation of the practices and the required changes in the professional skills. It helps in undertaking self assessment of the procedures through the determination of the clients and their individual requirements relating to healthcare. At many aspects, the self awareness creates a major impact on the job role as it helps in maintaining the understanding of the varied health issues that might be faced by the clients. Teamwork is again an important aspect, which must be focused by me in order to bring in smooth functioning of the team. it helps in bringing forth integrity and trust among the team members and thereby makes the service more reliable. Proper understanding of the Adult/pediatric post anesthesia will be helping me to determine the dosage of the anesthetize that are required as per the determination of the severity of the health issue that are faced by the patients. Teamwork helps I the development of the services based on the increased requirements of the patients relating to the rendition of the healthcare practices. it is based on the expectation of the clients which helps in undertaking the major aspects of the change in the structure and the functioning of the organization. It also will be helping me in inducing a positive growth in my career and opportunities in the other companies. Stress tolerance is one another important factor that will be helping me in making myself more professional. I have observed that excess of pressure leaves me pissed off and thereby affect my performance. Proper management of the tress is an important consideration, which will be helping in making the services more viable to the clients. On the other hand, the proper management of stress will be helping me in determining the individual requirements of the clients and thereby bring in changes in the services that are offered to them. Conclusion Therefore, from the above analysis it can be stated that the proper functioning of the development plan will be helping me in bringing forth changes in the services as per the requirements of the clients. Understanding the requirements of the clients through proper verbal communication and the documentation of the same will be helping in determining the objectives and the particulars of the demands of the customers. On the other hand, the proper understanding of the different needs of the patients has helped me in determining the type of the service, which must be made available. It has helped in improving the experience in my job role. On the other hand, it has helped me in bringing in improvements in the job role relating to the understanding of the requirement of the patient. The proper understanding of the professional needs and the manner in which they are to be imbibed is facilitated through the development plan.

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Summary of Blade Runner Death and Resurrection

Alan Turing, the founder of artificial intelligence established the Turing Test to aid in differentiating between human and artificial intelligence among other things.Advertising We will write a custom book review sample on Summary of Blade Runner: Death and Resurrection specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The test symbolizes the move to believe that positions are not permanent, while essentialist ideas of human nature are diluted. This post-modernistic thinking argues that humans develop themselves through dreams, histories, myths, stories, and memories. Langer says that postmodernism is symbolized by numerous questions as human beings attempt to understand the mystery of this world. The breakthrough in genetic engineering and artificial intelligence makes it hard to differentiate what is imaginary from what is real among others. Films and cinematic texts give reliable resources of understanding our consciousness. Ironically, these resources give a notion of â€Å"present†, while in actual sense they establish an artificial understanding of space and time. Films impress patterns in our every day occurrences and together with statements and differences of our humanity thus shaping consciousness. Blade Runner is one of the films that show how humanity shapes its identity and the expectations it makes based on the nature of its surrounding. The film shows a world full of corporate greed and technological growth. It portrays the city of Los Angeles as a city that cannot be inhabited. While most of the reasonable people choose to live in the outer space, they encounter a crisis of living with genetically engineered beings referred to as â€Å"replicants†. The crisis narrows the boundary between artificial and human. The film shows the existing level of expectation and confusion in humankind by showing instances of constant happenings, disappearances, and flourishing information. There is a division in society such that people speak different languages. Besides, harshness in the society is so great that only adults live in the society. Technology has led to the establishment of social classes where the intelligent use and discard the less intelligent at will. As the film continues, it reveals that most of the people living in Los Angeles do not enjoy their freedom as their superiors direct them on what to do. Only those in authority like Tyrell enjoy freedom. The power-holders signify the shaping of a culture that uses and later throws away what it uses. Tyrell throws away Rachel (a replicant) after using her for a long period. The replicants’ abilities indicate the tailor-made work programs, employment arrangements, and production systems that currently exist in the modern corporations.Advertising Looking for book review on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to the film, disbelief is high in postmodernism in terms of distinguishing the real and imaginary. There is no clear difference between the replicants and the real people as shown by the tests conducted. Man has made most of his understandings in his own image such that it is hard to distinguish the real from the artificial and thus man is in the struggle of establishing his identity. Blade Runner warns on the dangers of chauvinistic science that is dominating the postmodern world. The film portrays the Los Angeles of 2019 as a total ruin caused by men’s dominance. Men dominate everything. As the film shows the development of human images and their destruction, it brings out the idea of creation and death or destruction. The film uses a dove to signify its opinion that a law, which embraces feminism, ought to rule post-apocalyptic society characterized by corporate greed in a bid to deal with male dominance in the society. This book review on Summary of Blade Runner: Death and Resurrection was written and submitted by user W1nterS0ld1er to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.